In July 2017, the clandestine Project Epiphany was restarted at Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire (CERN) with the new goal of expanding the communication possibilities surrounding the XM Portal network previously investigated in conjunction with Niantic researchers.  Inspired by the simple (yet unprecedented) two way exchange made possible by the Transvisionary Oracle, scientists assigned to CERN sought to expand the potential for reaching out to (and ultimately understanding) the beings on the other side of the Portals.

In May of 2018, that project failed cataclysmically once again.

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Team Epiphany intends to build a 20’ diameter XM research lab modeled after the Globe of Science and Innovation at CERN. Within the replica, a series of Physics and Ingress-themed escape room puzzles will be hosted. Each puzzle will reveal a piece of the story explaining what happened leading up to the night of the second XM explosion at CERN. Solving all the puzzles will reveal the entire story. As in December 2012, key researchers were lost along with intimate knowledge of the events which triggered the accident, but surviving XM researchers will be on hand to assist Agents as they attempt to uncover the truth.

The main structure will be a dome constructed out of 165 pieces of stainless steel tubing attached using nuts and bolts at 61 vertices. Each strut for the dome will be less than 5’ in length, allowing for easy transport in any vehicle.

Recently declassified artifacts that survived the accident will be on hand for Agents to study in order to solve the mystery of Project Epiphany. Declassified artifacts include:

  • An early prototype of a rudimentary XM Scanner
  • A homogeneous XM field detection device
  • The modified Transvisionary Oracle, which was seized by NIA Operatives shortly after the EXO5 XM anomaly
  • A particle physics guide and accompanying particle modeling setup which is believed to contain a message encoded by one of the missing scientists
  • A reconfigured Catalyst Portal, also seized by NIA Operatives shortly after the EXO5 XM anomaly

Other laboratory furniture, equipment and materials will be on hand to assist with Agents’ research attempts.

Artist’s Rendering

The laboratory will be integrated with existing Techthulu technology as a warning system to herald the possibility of another XM cataclysm or spontaneous XM Portal eruption.


  • Power for lighting, sound and system interfaces
  • Internet connectivity for Techthulu integration
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On December 1, 2012, an XM detonation at CERN started a series of events known as Epiphany Night.

The surviving scientists of Epiphany Night remained vigilant, and when it was revealed that a rag tag group of Agents in the forest north of San Francisco were able to successfully initiate two way communication through a Portal, Project Epiphany was restarted.

But the best laid plans of mice and men go oft awry.

History seemed to repeat itself (or history did, indeed, fold in on itself) resulting in another cataclysmic detonation dubbed Epiphany Dawn.

Now, the remnants of that laboratory have been isolated so that the Agents at Camp Navarro can help solve the mystery of what has happened/is happening/will happen again.

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. – George Santayana


View recently declassified documents:

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Team Epiphany

Agent Mimming is a CERN electronics technician. She awoke at 10:45 am to find her pager spewing alerts from lab instruments reporting serious problems.  She spent the month before the explosion reverse engineering the Gacha Gamception device.


Agent Tomago is the laboratory’s chief laser technician.  She arrived early to work only to discover the lab a mess, and her teammates vanished.  Before the incident she was researching the nature of the Transvisionary Oracle pyramid.


w1zard is an immortal being who has existed in the portal matrix since March 2013.


Agent Katranrocks is a astrogeophysicist who is currently studying the synthesis of exotic matter in certain stellar cores. Her previous project examined the connection between fault lines and megafield lanes. Her earliest work in the Eastern Sierras is highly classified.


xxse7en is a xenolinguist and has conducted extensive research in the Shaper glyphs and exogenous symbology. His ongoing pursuits have revealed much about asynchronous, transdimensional communications, and he has been instrumental in their interpretation. Also, as a wilderness explorer, his work has shed illumination on remnants of much undiscovered Shaper communication in remote, natural areas.


In his critically acclaimed Metaphysics text, Dancing Between Quarks, StirlingClay detailed his time as Artist in Residence at CERN to explore the connections between art and science. His current focus is dedicated to expanding “group mind” collaboration by training willing participants to embrace MU fields for the benefit of all humanity.


Agent LOTKitties is a particle physicist at CERN.  She was alerted to the lab CATastrophy by her colleagues and rushed in to help.  Based on her previous work, she surmises the missing researchers are lost in an alternate universe – just like Schrodinger’s cat.


Agent CharChar came to CERN as an XM Sensitive to help in studying the connections between humans and XM.


Agent vimdix specializes in computational geometry at CERN. With an appreciation for both technically optimal and creatively beautiful field patterns, his current work tries to bridge a possible link between control fields and Shaper communications to humanity.


A person of interest since his central role in the resurrection of Roland Jarvis at Cupid’s Span, agent d0gboy is a high level sensitive and published researcher in the nascent science of XM control fields. Of late, he has been spotted as the NIA security attaché to the Epiphany Dawn project.


Agent hiryu is a visiting researcher in CERN’s Theory Division. He is seeking evidence for his unified theory of particle physics and quantum gravity, based on the assumption that spacetime is built upon a network of tetrahedra in 11 dimensions.